Stephs Cake Calculator

This exclusive calculator will only show the STARTING price for any calculated cake.
All cakes quoted from this calculator are for basic, plain, non-decorated or modified 5-inch-tall tiered cakes in their chosen shape, size(s) and coverage.
Many things will add to the price quoted from here including but not limited to adding complex flavors, any design(s), flowers (real or edible), and delivery.
All quotes from this calculator will not be honored until you have consulted with Stephs Cake Creations.

Free "Year-Later" Cake
Print the results of your finished cake quote and take it with you to your consultation with Stephanie. After your consultation she will amend any changes, if any, during your consultation. She will sign and date the quote. This will be your coupon for a free "Year-Later" cake. When you order your "Year-Later" cake, mention you have your coupon and bring it with you when you pick it up and there will be no charge! A $20 value!

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